Russian Ambassador Buried in Moscow; Snowden Still in Touch with Russian Intel: House Report

December 22, 2016
Memorial for Amb. Andrei Karpov, Russian envoy to Turkey assassindated December 19, 2016, outside the Foreign Ministry door. The sign says "Terrorism will not pass."

LIVE UPDATES: Russian cyber warriors in Ukraine linked to hack of Democratic National Committee in US; House Reports Snowden is still in touch with Russian intelligence.

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Russian Cyber Warriors in Ukraine Linked to US Election; Blogger on Syria Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison

The ruble is trading at 60.96 to the dollar and 63.72 to the euro. Brent Crude is selling for $55.08 per barrel. 

The following headlines were taken from Gazeta,  TASS, Rosbalt, UAWire, Yahoo News, Daily Beast, and Reuters.

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Use of Fancy Bear Android Malware in Tracking of Ukrainian Field Artillery by Crowdstrike [English][

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