Teenager Attacks FSB Office, Kills 2, Injures 1; Shot Dead; Russian Emigre Suspected of Borussia Dortmund Bombing; More Arrests in St. Petersburg

April 21, 2017
Russian special forces converge on an FSB office attacked by a gunman in Khabarovsk, April 21, 2017

Update: A Russian teenager, described variously as a neo-Nazi and related to ISIS killed a guard at a shooting range in the provincial city of Khabarovsk, then attacked an FSB office, killing two and wounding one other. Police shot him dead and arrested a suspected accomplice.

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Russian Teenager Kills 2, Injures 1 at FSB Office, is Shot Dead; Police Arrested Suspected Accomplice

The ruble is trading for 56.67 to the dollar and 60.68 to the euro. Brent crude is selling for $52.05 per barrel.

The following news items were taken from Novaya Gazeta, Gazeta, RBC,  SB Nation, New York Times, BBC, Fox News, RFE/RL, Site Intelligence Group, TV Rain, CNN, Defense Aerospace, Crossroads Today, Meduza, and Svoboda.

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