“Obama Has Ordered the Release Of Navalny”

August 6, 2013

Below is the transcript between between Aleksandr Bogomolov (Federal Patriotic Herald) and State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov after opposition leader Alexei Navalny was temporarily released from prison so that he might pursue a campaign for Moscow’s mayor, pending his appeal..


Novaya Gazeta has asked the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Ministry of Health to verify the sensational insight of [State Duma Deputy] Yevgeny Fyodorov, prominent United Russia deputy.


  • There are American militants in Moscow (3,000)
  • Navalny was released because of American president’s phone call
  • State Department runs Russian Prosecutor’s Office
  • We live in American-occupied territory.

Video (Russian):

AB: Yevgeny Alekseyevich [Fyodorov], today Navalny has been released. Navalny was released from the court room under a pledge not to leave town before the sentence goes into effect.

YF: In fact, they reversed their decision of yesterday!

AB: I’d like to hear your commentary on that issue. Why did they act in this way?

YF: The very same prosecutor’s office that demanded that he be jailed on Thursday, exactly a half hour later, demanded that he be released immediately, quickly, this instant. What could have happened to the prosecutor’s office within half an hour? Obviously only one thing: a command from the top.

AB: A few phone calls…

YF: One is usually enough. Who could have given such a command regarding Navalny. It’s obvious who: Obama and his staff. The Americans gave the command and Navalny was immediately released. You and I simply don’t appreciate the status of Russia in the form in which it is now. The United States guarantee not only political assistance to Navalny — we have spoken of that — they guarantee him personal immunity with their aircraft carriers, with their nuclear weapons, with their state power. They guarantee security for his family; therefore his family can behave absolutely boldly.

In principle, Navalny can walk the streets of Russian cities and beat people, for example, and nothing will happen to him for that, because he has been guaranteed immunity, similar to how immunity has been guaranteed to the State Duma deputies under the law, for example. So Navalny is guaranteed immunity by the United States. This is a technique that the States used back in the 1990s. If your viewer is educated, he can go and look at the legal system and he himself will see the status of American advisors of various ethnicities on the territory of the Russian Federation which has been confirmed by a special decision, and in this system of a Guarantor, you will see that these decisions have remained to this day, and this status was higher than any other – deputies, ambassadors, judges – whoever. Therefore, you and I can see simply, with this example, how therefore Navalny behaves absolutely impudently in the court, because he knows that nothing threatens him on Russian territory.

AB: Alright. If Navalny has immunity, which by the way, is nowhere demonstrated, why was there a trial at all? Why did it come to a trial?

YF: Because it’s a struggle, because Navalny broke the law. Then the government split, as you have noted. Then there was arguing in the investigative agencies. [Aleksandr] Bastrykin, [head of the Russian Investigative Committee] demanded that his case not be closed, but the Americans gave the command not to close it at a small level. You have to understand – life is real, it is managed, including life in an occupied territory, it is managed by a certain system, by a certain vertikal [line of authority]. Therefore, until the issue of Navalny reached the highest level of the United States of America, while it was being decided by clerks from the Embassy, it was possible to try him. As soon as they reported it to the President of the USA, reported it to the big boss, the big boss gave the command and instantly the phone calls took place, and in Russia, all the state agencies, as is proper for state agencies in a country that is not sovereign, immediately… (YF makes an indefinite sound with his lips and throws up his arms).

AB: …They reacted.

YF: Well, if you want to use that word, then you can say it that way: they reacted. They reacted by saying “Yes, sir!” America said, “You must.” And the prosecutor’s office said, “Yes, sir!”

In fact, America gave the word in many countries. Look at what happened with the coup in Egypt. For example, now there’s the military. The Americans gave the command and those very military people who were supposedly appointed by the president said immediately, “Yes, sir!” We will put the president under arrest, no one will know where, we will arrest 300 people, and we will abolish the constitution. And all of this will be called the democratic will of the Egyptian people in the mass media.

AB: Navalny’s pledge not to leave town is in effect in two cities: Kirov, where he was tried, and Moscow, where he has a residence permit. Thanks to that pledge not to leave town he can go back and forth between those two cities. If he wants to travel to any other city of the Russian Federation, he has to obtain permission from the investigator. How serious is this, in general? Or he can travel and the investigator will let him go at any time?

YF: The investigator can let him go where he wants. This is not an issue at all because the investigators got a blow to the head, all those who had strained themselves and tried to do something. That’s one point. The second point, I’m telling you, he has a higher status, he can ride around on the street with the flashing lights in Moscow, and the guards have to pay him respect. He is an American agent on the territory of the Russian Federation, a representative of the top authority of the occupying regime. What are you saying! He has status, like ministers have, or deputies or presidents. The occupiers gave him this status, he received this status from the gauleiters. It’s like the supervisors or the elders on the occupied territory of the USSR. He got this status from the gauleiters in the occupied territory, that’s it, he’s a top boss here! In principle, no one can do anything to him now.

AB: The pledge not to leave town – this is until his actual incarceration to serve his term, this is not an acquittal.

YF: Yes, that’s true. But understandably, the Americans will now influence the decision of the judicial system.

AB: What chance is there that they will put him in jail in the end?

YF: I don’t know. There will be a battle by nationally-oriented people in power in Russia with the American system of rule.

AB: But there is information that his campaign headquarters, Navalny’s campaign, removed him from candidacy in the mayoral election.

YF: The staffs can do what they like, the candidate himself decides. It’s possible, I don’t rule it out, that when the Americans gave the command to Russia to let out Navalny, they possibly, in the process of this command, had some sort of discussion with the Russian authorities and promised in Navalny’s name that he would do something or not do something. There could be that sort of negotiations, and in fact, Obama hinted at them.

Remember, on the issue of Snowden? [It was as if Obama were saying] When it was a question of Snowden, various states, vassals, I emphasize, try to make a deal with me about various things for this favor.

So it is quite possible that when the States gave this command to Russia they somehow…there were some sort of instructions regarding the fact that Navalny must do this and not that, let’s say, run for elections or not run for elections. We don’t know that. We see that the system of American status has been working for 20 years. And this is an important point. I repeat once again: Navalny, just like other agents of the United States in Russia, has immunity. And that concerns not only him personally, but personally the system of government. Look, Putin raised the questions of foreign agents, he passed a law. Now we know that we have agents, the prosecutor has found out that they have a budget of three billion dollars, that they are ruling the country, that they are writing laws, and that they have agents in power, the prosecutor spoke about this especially. But no one – neither the law nor the deputies nor the prosecutor’s office nor the government nor the president has the right to stop this machine in some way or prohibit it from working or abolish its status.

AB: The president could order…

YF: He could just indicate, and not order. He could just indicate: here are the American agents, it’s they who are ruling us, we live badly because of them, because they write all the laws. He has already said this. For example, why are people rebelling, they say, ‘why do we have such high tariffs?” The tariffs were written by the Urban Institute. The Urban Institute is a typical American agent which has worked for 15 years writing laws concerning tariffs, municipal building codes and so on. If you have high tariffs, there’s a question: who is responsible for them? Who established this system? American grantees established this system. That concerns everything. You will not find a single law in Russia that has not been systematically written by the Americans. Not one!

But all of this can be done by a national government on occupied territory, they can say this for the idiots who don’t understand this. “Here you see, this law is written by grant recipients.” These are agents. Well, how can you put it more strongly? Here these agents are writing laws for you, you live by them. You live badly. You will live even worst. The legislation is aimed at the liquidation of the country, at debilitation, at the destruction of culture, on the whole, at the liquidation of the Russian people. The entire legislative machinery is aimed at this. That’s what we’ve been talking about. Because we live in an occupied territory.

And everything that is going on around us involves decisions taken in Washington. And the purpose of these decisions is to liquidate the rival called Russia. Perhaps not immediately, in 1999 it didn’t work, Putin didn’t let them. Well, they waited 12-15 years, and they will do this again in 5-7 years. Therefore, you and I understand: a decision has been made by the occupiers to destroy Russia, the Russian people in particular, to destroy them, that is, to cease their existence. It’s only a question of how long it will take. How it will work. And separate branches. You and I know…

You haven’t asked the question, but let’s discuss this question now. Have our law-enforcement agencies determined why that missile fell? Because a saboteur simply changed the blueprint of that missile, he changed the transmitters then left for America. He fulfilled his task, received his bonus and left. The usual sabotage.

[Fyodorov may be referencing the failed launch of the Proton-M booster rocket in July. -Ed.]

The same thing happened with the Academy of Sciences when the ministers issued a decision to liquidate the Academy of Sciences, Putin in part knocked off half the decision because there are no rights to knock it off completely. The people don’t give the rights. People like being slaves, their lives today suit them just fine. Everything is great for them, they have betrayed their parents, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who created this country. So, live badly then. This is the result of your treason, it’s all logical. You will have agents, you will have Navalny doing everything here that they want. The people who will go the same route will get the same rights from Washington, right up to the point that they will commit violence on the streets. That’s how it is supposed to be. The occupation army can politically even engage in any political affairs they wish on the occupied territory. What, this is news?

AB: Yesterday, the opposition gathered a fairly large number of people around the Duma in the evening.

YF: I saw. About a thousand and a half or two thousand people were on the sidewalks, they didn’t go out on the street, but it was about a thousand and a half to two thousand people. It wasn’t a political action, actually, they didn’t have those posters…

AB: It was not authorized.

YF: A political action is not characterized by the fact that people gathered, that’s a flash mob. But the Americans in Moscow have about three thousand street fighters. Those are their grant recipients… On the whole, the grantees are 20,000 political commissars, political strategists. They have also sub-divisions for street youth.

AB: Do you mean civilian militants?

YF: Of course they are civilians! I’m telling you – political militants, civilians. It’s youth…In principle, they can be military. They will be paid 10 times their salary, and then they’ll be military, if needed. They just gave the command, and these people came out on the street. Obviously, these events happened not because of this. Look at how they reacted to the court decision. The ambassador immediately gave the command to repeal the decision. The European Union, the allies of the United States of America, they immediately gave the command to repeal, and it was immediately fulfilled. Not these 2,000 people! Grantees gather rallies of up to 60,000 people here. And it hasn’t changed anything. The command worked through the American system of rule – they gave the command, let him go, it is prohibited to touch the agents of the United States on the occupied territory! That’s it.

AB: How to get out of this?

YF: For Russia?

AB: Yes.

YF: Russia can only be saved by its people.

AB: So it turns out that maybe they won’t jail Navalny?

YF: In principle, they may. If the Americans go for a harsh ban, of course! They have more aircraft carriers, they have ministers in the government, their people in the system of power, where they make decisions, their people in the judicial and law-enforcement system.

I’m telling you, we have observed this in many countries. People are strange somehow, for some reason they think that in Egypt or Syria or Libya the people there are different, not like here. But they’re the same! Or in Iran, where their own generals hanged their president. They think that the people here are different. But people are the same everywhere.

The Americans know how to work with occupied territories. They have gotten their experience from the British. The Brits have ruled the colonies for 500 years, well, in 500 years, can you learn how to get a decision through painlessly in the occupied territories? Probably, you can? Yes, they’ve learned in 500 years. And everywhere the result is the same – the colony degrades, the people are destroyed, they finally resolve the question of the people who live in this territory.

Thus it will be decided in the same way with the Russians on the territory of Russia, and in fact sooner rather than later, in the foreseeable next generation if people do not want to defend themselves, if people do not want to act exactly as their grandfathers, great-grandfathers and great-great grandfathers did. You don’t have to think up anything new; you have to live by those same laws, including defending yourself, as our ancestors did, because they encountered double the competition their whole lives. That’s life – competition, struggle and wars. Ordinary human life.



The information from Yevgeny Fyodorov, a deputy from United Russia, about the threats to Russia’s national security need immediate and obligatory verification. We urge that this publication be considered an official inquiry to:

Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry, Prosecutor General’s Office, Russian Presidential Administration, US Presidential Administration, World Wildlife Fund and the Russian Federation Health Ministry.

A Psychiatrist’s Commentary: What He’s Going On About

An ordinary person, or even a poor psychiatrist, hearing what deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov is saying would immediately and easily make a diagnosis. It would seem that the diagnosis of something like “paranoia, or paranoid delusion” makes itself.

But the case of deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov is significantly more complicated for a good psychiatrist, which I immodestly consider myself. The problem is that he is a deliberate simulator. This is a typical case of simulation of psychiatric illness. Usually, adolescents behave this way after reading specialized psychiatric literature. Those who don’t want to go into the army believe that they can easily wind any psychiatrist around their little finger.

Everything that Fyodorov is saying, or I would say “going on about,” is typical “play-acting crazy,” spontaneous or having the purpose to throw off-balance the weak and ill-prepared mind. And here another psychiatric term appears – “induced delirium.”

That is when psychiatrically healthy people seem to get infected with a crazy idea and then spread it to other people. That is what constitutes the main danger of Mr. Fyodorov’s statements and his fine calculation to that effect.

Thus, Fyodorov is only too healthy. Only too clever. And oh, how cunning.

Be vigilant!

– Andrei Bilzho, artist, “brain specialist,” PhD candidate in medicine.