Misrule of Law: How the Kremlin Uses Western Institutions to Undermine the West

June 13, 2019
Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing the Interpol General Assembly in 2008. Russia fielded a candidate to serve as Interpol president in 2018, but he lost the election. Photo by Tomado de Internet/VANGUARDIA LIBERAL

The Kremlin’s body of bad behavior – from election meddling to the annexation of Crimea to military involvement in Ukraine – has been widely covered in the media and, for many, news of Russia attempting to suborn Western institutions may begin to sound like background noise. But there is a systematic, often under-the-radar, attack on the rule of law and institutions underway and it is
no less alarming than the headlines. In the two chapters of this report, our esteemed authors demonstrate the attacks aimed at free societies, all intended to suborn Western structures to the benefit of the Kremlin.

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