Law-Enforcers Inspect All Traffic Entering Stavropol Territory

January 9, 2014

There has been a horrific discovery in Stavropol, less than 300km from Sochi. Kommersant reports that 6 people (the BBC says 5) have been found shot to death in 5 cars, and an improvised explosive device has gone off near one of the cars. The BBC adds that authorities have already identified some suspects, and those men have ties to Islamic terrorism:

According to the Russian news website Life News, which has close links to the security forces, three suspects from the neighbouring region of Kabardino-Balkaria are being sought by police.

Two of the men named are already on a Russian federal wanted list for the murder of a hunter last year. and are said to be members of an Islamist militant group.

Kommersant reports that vehicles entering the territory will now be inspected.

Law-enforcement agencies are inspecting all vehicular transport entering Stravropol Territory, where in the last two weeks several sensational crimes have taken place, Vladimir Vladimirov, acting governor of the Territory announced on Rossiya-24 television channel.

β€œAt this time, we can state that inspection operations are being conducted in Stravropol Territory of all means of transportation and persons, without exception, who are crossing over (the administrative border of the territory). Inspection measures have been reinforced in places where public events are taking place – there are metal detectors, police units, the army, and the Cossacks,” said Vladimirov.