Jews Are Demons, Claims Speaker Who Appeared At German Pro-Russia Conference

December 3, 2015
Egor Gamajun at a training facility -- note Orthodox imagery and the flag of the "Symbol of Faith" of Cossack General and war hero Yakov Baklanov. The flag reads: "I Hope for the Resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the Age to Come. Amen."

A large pro-Russian conference in Germany last weekend was due to be addressed by an influential Russian Orthodox activist who has previously called Jews ‘personified demons.’

The 65 Euro-entry-charge Bewusst In Die Zukunft (Alertly Into The Future) conference took place at an up-market conference centre on Saturday, November 28, in Wartenberg, in the central German Hessen region. The conference targeted believers in alternative medicine as well as ecologically-minded opponents to genetically modified foods, which enjoys wider popularity and political significance in Germany than in other European nations. The conference organizers claim “While Western Scientists – controlled through lobbyists, the pharma industry, the economy, bank cartels, the military and other dubious organizations – are forced to remain silent about their research results or even abandon their work, well-known Russian scientists are now openly imparting their knowledge.” According to the conference program, among the speakers was Dr. Irina Ermakova, a Russian Academy of Sciences researcher who attracted critical scrutiny in Nature Magazine in 2007 for her widely-quoted claims that transgenic soy consumption harms the fertility of rats as well their offspring’s life expectancy and growth rates.

Another speaker, fitness expert, Egor Gamajun, wrote a number of viciously anti-Semitic claims over the course of the past months.

Gamajun claimed that Hebrew was spoken at the first congress of Russian Bolsheviks, where he says “ethnic Slavs were only a small number of people”. He goes on to sayZhidy” [A pejorative Russian term for Jews] were “personified demons” who mystically hate Christianity. All that is holy and that leads to freedom and to the Holy Spirit – they cause fierce hatred of.”


Another posting by Gamajun online appears to call Jews ‘Devils’ and claims they worship ‘Mammon,’ an age old anti-Semitic trope.


Gamajun also claims, “Using the example of the Hebrews, the Heavenly Father showed to all peoples the sickness of humanity,” and suggests there is a campaign to convince Russian Christians that they are in fact sectarians of Judaism, from which Christianity spread, which is an MI5 and CIA conspiracy to “undermine” Russia.


Of course, without a hint of irony Gamajun describes modern-day Ukraine “as a clone of Nazi Germany.” Separatists in Donetsk, he further asserts, will accede to heaven as they are for the Russiky Mir [‘The Russian World’, a term frequently used in Putinist discourse] against “Darkness.”



According to its official website, the conference was  organized by a British company, EV Europe Ltd, that is allegedly based in Wood Street, Wakefield, in Northern England. The Interpreter was unable to find any traces of such a currently active company using the official research function.

According to the German Internet Registry, the conference website was registered by Anja Schmitt of ASPM Medien GmbH & Co. KG, Lauterbacher Strasse, Schalmtal. ASPM Medien is the “partner agency” of, where Anja Schmitt is also listed as an editor, and where the conference was warmly promoted. claims that an Uruguay company, DEURU, is legally responsible for any content that appears on the site. DEURU, whose website is in German, bills itself as the “easiest circumvention of legal shenanigans,” promising that no reasonable attorney would wish to sue media based in Uruguay. Thorsten Schmitt of ASPM media is listed the editor in-chief at and is listed as the press contact for the conference on its own website.


On its website DEURU warns about the “JewSA” and writes:

“The enforcers of the allegedly desired global government will never understand that the internet is borderless. If German data, alongside Germans themselves, are no longer wanted in Germany, they will simply emigrate. DEURU has succeeded in securing some web domains which are perfectly suited for such purposes…. Domain names with which every German can identify: “German Reich” as…We are sure, that there’ll be something there for every real German.”

DEURU lists other sites that it also takes legal responsibility over under a “Who is With Us” section on its website. Among those is, a Neo-Nazi website that spreads vicious Holocaust Denial Materials and even asks readers whether Hitler could have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. Trutzgauer Bote’s site carries a legal note advising readers DEURU is legally responsible for content on the site.

ccp7’s main site lists @guruuru in its social media bar. That is an anonymous account of a 59-year old German IT expert living in Uruguay who does however provide a facial photograph, and who links to another website in German). This appears to that individual’s personal blog, also containing a photo of him. It contains a text praising convicted Holocaust denier Ursula von Haverbeck, claiming that “alternative media” has cast doubt on the Holocaust, and alleging that “the Jews” are trying to make money out of having themselves seen as the sole victims of Nazi persecution. Another text written by Guruuru there brands the Holocaust a lie, shows anti-Jewish cartoons of a hook-nosed man and also calls Obama a “monkey” for good measure.

According to its official website, the conference was however organized by a British company “EV Europe Ltd“ that is allegedly based in Wood Street, Wakefield in Northern England. The Interpreter was unable to find any traces of such a currently active company using the official research function.

DEURU replied to questions about the conference by simply stating (translated by The Interpreter),

“Truths are being described there the opposite of which you must first of all prove. Overtly nothing is proven”.

Within hours of being contacted by The Interpreter, Egor Gamajun deleted a number of his VKontakte comments. In an email, he told this author (translation):

My attitude toward Jews as a people is the same as toward any other people.

In this case, the discussion was around part of a conversation that extended over time.

The question was how should a Christian in a spiritual sense treat those who have not accepted Jesus Christ and who crucified Him?

There are no anti-Ukrainian sentiments in Russia.

We are against fascism in Ukraine.

I’m sorry, but I have a poor understanding of what you are referencing.

I was invited to ORANIA-CENTRUM in order to make a presentation on ancient Russian popular psychology and the Russian fighting tradition. I spoke about the subtle construction of man – man is not just a body but there is also the Soul. And about how knowledge of this subtle construction can make a person free, and open up Love toward the world in him.

He also told followers on VKontakte (translation):

Independent Western media here are planning to interview me here to clarify my position on the Jewish question and the “Donbass.”

Brothers and Sisters, I am now at the Congress in Germany.

I will clarify for everyone:

1. Not a single Mason has pissed in my doorway (excuse the vulgarity).
2. I don’t like the fact that people are wandering around Kievian Rus’ whose ancestors made kholodets out of Russian soldiers (I mean the “Banderaites”). And I don’t like the fact that the USA flag is flying over the SBU [Ukrainian Security Service] building.

[Kholodets is a regional meat aspic dish. Stepan Bandera was a controversial Ukrainian war leader—The Interpreter].


In a statement to The Interpreter, Thorsten Schmitt, the editor-in-chief of who is also acting as the press contact for the conference, said:

“Because your questions are ostensibily focused on a theme that in essence has nothing to do with the conference, I however doubt your honest interest. Particularly as your way of going about and the penetrant contacting of all manner of email addresses has nothing to do with true journalistic work. It comes, if at all, close to some scribblings of tabloid journalism. Of course everyone  receives an answer from us, even you.

We would probably only need to answer your questions with a well-known German proverb; “Affected dogs bark”……

In regards to the using of the service of DEURU, so it just shows show what the real situation is with press freedom and freedom of expression in Germany. Through the influencing of reporting by Pharma-and Banking cartels as well as lobbyists and other groups, an independent and free media website cannot be run in Germany.

For this reason, we and other alternative media operators are forced to completely move this area abroad, and to use services like those offered by DEURU. Which opinions, beliefs and so on the owner of the company represents plays no role in this.  That does not however mean that we are of the same opinion or view. We tolerate everyone his own opinion [sic], as long as he does not try to manipulate or misuse us.

The event was neither pro-Russian nor Pro-Putin. It just served to show for once totally without preconceptions, which position the science from there has in the different areas. Moreover, it should have helped the communication between peoples, because many among the audience had a Russian-background or were German Russians. The goals were totally achieved, which could be seen through the many conversations of the visitors among each other, and on the other hand, the many interesting explanations of the speakers.

We can’t say anything about the postings by Mr Gamajun, because we do not know what it is about. We were interested in this LUBKI-show, which he did excellently and without political value judgements…”

Gamajun is planning a wider tour of Germany in the coming months.