Interpreter Podcast: Syria, Russia, Israel, and the End of ‘Pax Americana’

October 28, 2015
Protesters in Kafranbel, Idlib Province, Syria, hold up a banner illustrating what they think is happening to their country on October 24, 2015 |

After the failures of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the struggles of American policy following the Arab Spring uprisings, what is the role the United States should play in the world? Are we really in ‘Cold War 2.0’? Can we work with Russia on Afghanistan? On Syria? And what role do non-politician politicians, so called “outsiders,” play in American politics?

This week, Interpreter’s managing editor James Miller and Boston College professor Matt Sienkiewicz discuss these questions and more on the latest installment of The Interpreter Podcast.

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Audio for today’s podcast was edited by Maximillien Inhoff.

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