“I Am Not Stopping My Hunger Strike, But Suspending It”

October 3, 2013
Andrei Stenin/RIA Novosti

Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is in prison, serving a two year sentence for “hooliganism.” She has just ended a hunger strike because of poor health, but below is the translation of her statement that she will return to hunger striking if her demands are not met.

For more information on the hunger strike read an interview from Nadya’s lawyer, and our separate analysis. – Ed.

The New Times publishes here three officials theses of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, sent verbally to the defense through Deputy Ilya Ponomarev after their brief meeting in the maternity wing of the hospital at labor camp LPU-21 in the town of Barashevo at 16:00 on 1 October.

1. I am not stopping my hunger strike, but SUSPENDING it due to my very severe state and complications that have begun.

2. The demands of my hunger strike are:

A. Proper investigation of the conditions of incarceration of the women convicts at Corrective Labor Colony No. 14.

B. Safety and absence of psychological pressure regarding women convicts who have provided testimony about the situation at No. 14.

C. Transfer from No. 14 to another colony in compliance with the promise of the Federal Corrections Service about a transfer which has been conveyed to me.

In the event that none of these demands are fulfilled, I will once again resume my hunger strike.

3. The only condition under which I am prepared not to resume my hunger strike in the event of being transported back from the hospital to No. 14 is if the Investigative Committee opens a criminal case regarding Lt. Col. Yury Kurpiyanov, deputy head of No. 14. In the event a case is opened, I am prepared to spend the remainder of my term at No. 14.”