Five Moscow Mayoral Candidates and Their Money

July 12, 2013
RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

Along with the signatures and documents needed for registration in the elections for mayor of Moscow, the candidates provided their first financial reports on the contributions and expenditures of their campaign funds. Thus, acting mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has received almost 36 million rubles in his campaign fund, but the communist Ivan Melnikov isn’t reporting  a single ruble. – Ed.

1. Sobyanin has 35.9 million rubles

35.9 million rubles have been received at the campaign fund for the acting mayor of Moscow, candidate for city boss Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow City Election Committee told Interfax. This information is contained in Sobyanin’s first financial report which was submitted to the city election committee.

According to the source, 6.7 million rubles came into Sobyanin’s election fund in the form of voluntary contributions from citizens and 29.2 million rubles from legal persons.

Of these funds, 3.7 million rubles were spent on the collection of voters’ signatures, of which Sobyanin gathered more than 118,000, and another 4.8 million rubles were spent on printing and distribution of campaign materials. The campaign spent 130,000 rubles on other expenses.

2. Degtyarev has 5.8 million rubles

According to the financial reports, 5.8 million rubles were received at the fund of Mikhail Degtyarev, candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, of which only 20,000 rubles were his own and the rest were Party money. Degtyarev spent 28,000 rubles on the collection of signatures, 2.3 million rubles on campaign materials, 174,000 on other expenses.

3. Mitrokhin has 500,000 rubles

Sergei Mitrokhin, the candidate from Yabloko, has received half a million rubles at his campaign fund, all of which are Party funds. Of these, 380,000 rubles were spent on advertising expenses and 112,000 on other expenses.

4. Levichev has 100,000 rubles

According to the financial report, only one candidate has exclusively his own money in his campaign fund – Nikolai Levichev, nominated by Just Russia. He contributed 100,000 rubles to the fund, of which 71,000 rubles were spent, and only on the collection of signatures.

5. Melnikov doesn’t have a single ruble

According to Interfax sources, not a single ruble has been contributed yet to the election campaign of Ivan Melnikov, candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. This information is from his first financial report which was submitted by Melnikov last week when he turned in his registration documents.