2 Ukrainian Soldiers WIA, 2 Concussed; 1 Civilian Killed, 1 Injured from Mine Explosion

July 8, 2017
Building damaged June 30 on the front line. Photo by ATO

Ukraine Day 1237: LIVE UPDATES BELOW. Two Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded in the previous reporting period and two suffered concussions; one civilian was killed and one injured after stepping on a mine.

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An Invasion By Any Other Name: The Kremlin’s Dirty War in Ukraine


2 Ukrainian Soldiers WIA, 2 Concussed; 1 Civilian Killed, 1 Injured from Mine Explosion

Apartment building in Kiev damaged by explosion July 8, killing 2 and wounding 6. Photo by Ukrainska Pravda. 

There were 11 attacks on Ukrainian positions by Russia-backed forces today, July 8, Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] evening dispatch.

Two Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded in the previous reporting period and two suffered concussions.
In the morning dispatch, the ATO said yesterday, July 7, two civilians went off the road near the Mayorsk checkpoint in the town of Zhovanka and stepped on a mine. As a result a man, born 1979, died at the scene, and a woman, born 1981, was hospitalized with serious injuries from the explosion. The circumstances are being investigated.
In the evening, the ATO reported that on the Maritime line, Shirokino was attacked with an armed BMP, grenade-launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. The outskirts of Maryinka were shelled with 120-mm mortar-launchers.
On the Donetsk line, Zaytsevo, Peski and the suburbs of Avdeyevka were attacked with infantry weapons, heavy machine guns and a BMP.
On the Lugansk line on the Bakhmutka highway, there was hiring near Krymskoye from automatic grenade-launchers and an 82-mm mortar launcher.
Earlier in the morning dispatch, the ATO reported attacks on the Maritime line on Shirokino, Vodyanoye and Novotroitskoye with small arms, grenade-launchers, armed BMPs and anti-aircrat systems. There were also attacks on Lebedinskoye, Gnutovo, Pavlopol and Krasnogorovka.
On the Donetsk line, Avdeyevka was attacked with 82-mm mortars, hand anti-tank grenades and small arms. Later, militants fired from tanks, 120-mm mortar-launchers and light infantry weapons on Peski. Avdeyevka was also struck again in the evening with heavy machine guns and small arms.

On the Lugansk line, the town of Donets was attacked as were Stanitsa Luganskaya and Krymskoye.

Other News: 

o Explosion in Kiev Apartment Building Kills 2, Displaces 17
An explosion occurred in an apartment building in Kiev today apparently due to follow fire safety procedures, killing two and wounding 6 residents, Ukrainska Pravda reported. One woman is still missing.
Another 17 people were displaced from their homes and will be put in temporary shelters, police said.
o Gorlovka Mayor Under Shell Fire
The so-called “mayor” of separatist-held Gorlovka, Ivan Prokhodko, came under shell fire near Yasinovataya, militants reported today, according to Ukrainska Pravda, citing Interfax.
Prikhodko was travelling in a car along the highway from Gorlovka to Donetsk. He suffered a light concussion. His fellow passengers were not harmed. The self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” blames Ukrainian forces for the incident.
o US Secretary of State Will Travel to Kiev July 9 to Meet with Poroshenko
The US State Department announced today that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would make his first official visit to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
The State Department said:
The Secretary will reaffirm America’s commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, while encouraging the Government of Ukraine to continue implementing reforms that will strengthen Ukraine’s economic, political, and military resilience.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, no documents are planned to be signed during the meeting, although agreements may be developed for signing later when US ministers travel to Ukraine.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick 

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