1 Civilian Killed in Russia-Backed Shelling of Sukha Balka

June 15, 2017
A Ukrainian soldier points to a home where a civilian was killed by Russia-backed shelling June 15, 2017. Photo by Ukrainian military.

Ukraine Day 1214: LIVE UPDATES BELOW. One civilian was killed in an attack by Russia-backed separatists on the town of Krutaya Balka.

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1 Civilian Killed in Russia-Backed Shelling of Sukha Balka

Homes damaged today in Maryinka by Russia-backed shelling. Photo by Maryinka 24 News. 

The Anti-Terrorist Operation [ATO] reported that Sukha Balka (Sukhaya Balka) was attacked in shelling by Russia-backed separatists from Gorlovka, and one villager was killed by shelling.

The Ukrainian military TV uploaded a video showing shell craters, the damage to several homes and the home where one resident was killed. 

Residents described hiding from the shelling and wrapping up children in blankets to reduce the chance of shrapnel injuries. Electrical lines were also damaged leaving the village without power; gas and water lines were also affected.

As a result of Russia-backed shelling June 15, 20 homes were damaged, two completely, 24today.net reported, citing regional police. Fakeoff.info had additional details. There were no casualties at that location.

Separatists began firing on the town at 7:00 am, evidently with Grad missiles. Earlier on June 10, two residents were injured in similar shelling of Maryinka. One, a 54-year-old woman, suffered shrapnel wounds to the hips and will not be able to walk independently unless she gets specialized surgery. Her family has asked the community to help raise funds.
In its evening dispatch today, the Anti-Terrorist Operation reported 20 attacks during the day and no casualties.
On the Maritime line, MLRS were fired at Maryinka, with extensive damage of homes. Militants fired 120-mm mortars at Pavlopol; near Krasnogorovka, 82-mm mortars were fired. Shirokino, Vodyanoye, Lebedinskoye, Talakovka and Chmarlyk were all attacked with grenade-launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.
On the Donetsk line, 122-mm mortar-launchers were fired from Gorlovka on the village of Yuzhnoye; Kamenka was struck by tanks and 120-mm mortars. Near Novoluganskoye, militants fired 82-mm mortars and heavy machine guns. Verkhnyetoretskoye and also Kamenka and Avdeyevka’s suburbs were attacked with grenade-launchers and small arms.
On the Lugansk line, small arms were fired near Novozvanovka; anti-tank grenades were used to attack Malinovoye; 82-mm mortars were also fired on Ukrainian positions at Katerinovka.

The Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination reported that the pump station serving the South Donbass Water Main was repaired and water service was restored. The Ukrainian side criticized the Russian side for not providing guarantees to refrain from shelling the infrastructure.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick 

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