1 Ukrainian Soldier WIA Today; 200 Civilians Remain in Frontline Zaytsevo Without Electricity or Water

May 26, 2017
Vyacheslav Abroskin, chief of the Donetsk Region National Police, climbs into a crater in Krasnogorovka made by shelling from Russia-backed forces.

Ukraine Day 1194: LIVE UPDATES BELOW. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded today. The ATO reports that about 200 civilians remain in frontline Zaytsevo, constantly shelled, without water or electricity.

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An Invasion By Any Other Name: The Kremlin’s Dirty War in Ukraine


1 Ukrainian Soldier WIA Today; 200 Civilians Remain in Zaytsevo Without Electricity or Water

A villager shows a Ukrainian soldier a hole from shelling by Russia-backed forces targeting Zaytsevo. Photo by ATO 

Russia-backed forces attacked Ukrainian positions 26 times today, Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] evening dispatch. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded today.

In the morning dispatch, 5 Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded, 4 of which we reported yesterday.
During the day on the Maritime line, separatists attacked Chermalyk with 120-mm mortar-launchers; near Pavlopol, they attacked with 122-mm artillery. At Gnutovo, the enemy pounded Ukrainian positions with mortars, an armed BMP and anti-aircraft systems.
At Maryinka, 82-mm mortars and grenade-launchers were used. On the approaches to Krasnogorovka, a sniper was active. Automatic grenade-launchers were fired on Shirokino.
On the Donetsk line, the situation was fairly stable, but near Luganskoye and Svetlodarsk Bulge a tank and BMPs were fired on Ukrainian positions as well as grenade-launchers and heavy machine guns.
Militants fired from Gorlovka on Ukrainian positions at Zaytsevo from grenade-launchers and small arms; 82-mm mortars and machine guns were fired near Avdeyevka.
On the Lugansk line, there were 4 attacks near Novotoshkovskoye with grenade-launchers and small arms were fired near Donets.
In Zaytsevo, on the front line, the frequent target of Russia-backed shelling, people have lived without water or electricity for nearly a year now, according to an ATO report. Many homes have been damaged. One resident says she doesn’t recall a day without explosions and shelling. A picture shows some shells she picked out of her garden. She doesn’t want to move from the area although she has had offers. She wants to stay with her husband in the place where they have spent their whole lives. 
Many families have left the town for other regions of Ukraine. About 200 civilians remain, including about 20 children. The town is in fact divided into a “Russian-occupied” part and a “Ukrainian part,” and some have moved out of the Russian area.  The villagers frequently ask the military to bring them coal and groceries, which they provide.

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Social media users reported attacks in other areas.

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