Another Bloody Weekend In Ukraine

February 26, 2017

Ukraine Day 1105: LIVE UPDATES BELOW. Heavy fighting continues a day after 18 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in fighting.

Yesterday’s live coverage of the Ukraine conflict can be found here.


An Invasion By Any Other Name: The Kremlin’s Dirty War in Ukraine


Another Bloody Day In Ukraine

At the Sunday afternoon briefing of the Ukrainian military Anti-Terror Operation (ATO), the Russian-backed fighters in eastern Ukraine broke the ceasefire 49 times over the previous 24 hours. Four Ukrainian soldiers were wounded during this period of time. 

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ATO daily report: almost 50 enemy attacks, 4 WIA

On the Mariupol line, occupation forces mortared Lebedynske, Chermalyk, and fired on Pavlopil, Chermalyk, Shyrokine, Vodiane, and Hnutove from grenade launchers and small arms, ATO HQ reported on Facebook. On the Donetsk line, an enemy tank fired at the Ukrainian positions outside Pisky, Butivka mine, and Kamenka.

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Feb 27, 2017 12:30 (GMT)

This comes one day after a particularly violent 24 hour period: 
The US government has had strong words for Russia:

And yet here is a cold reality — the fighting in Ukraine is about to enter yet another week of elevated levels. There is no sign of a fresh diplomatic solution in the wings. The Ukrainian people are becoming increasingly frustrated with this level of violence, and there are no solutions in sight. 

And, as David Patrikarakos recently pointed out for RFE/RL, there are other signs that Russia is not cooperating with the international community, and it’s not just in Ukraine. 

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Commentary: In Syria And Ukraine, Russia Positions Itself As Solution To Problems It Created

The world is becoming ever more tumultuous. But amid the general storm one country can be relied upon to maintain a sanguine — and sanguinary — course: Vladimir Putin's Russia. (The views expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the views of RFE/RL.)

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Feb 27, 2017 12:33 (GMT)

James Miller