Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded Today, With Fighting Now Reported Near Donetsk And Gorlovka

February 3, 2017
Aftermath of shelling in Avdeyevka. Photo: Anna Dombrovskaya

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Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded Today, With Fighting Now Reported Near Donetsk And Gorlovka

The Ukrainian military reports that two Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and five wounded today.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Defence announced that three Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 18 wounded yesterday.

According to MOD spokesman Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, two military instructors were killed near Svetlodarsk. It is uncertain if one of these was the military paramedic reported killed last night.

One soldier was killed, in addition to a rescue worker from the State Service for Emergency Situations (DSNS), in Avdeyevka, where another DSNS worker and seven soldiers were wounded.

Six soldiers were wounded near Svetlodarsk, two in Novozvanovka, and one each near Novoaleksandrovka, Zaytsevo and Maryinka.

According to the Donetsk Prosecutor’s Office, two civilians were killed in Avdeyevka last night. In addition, British photojournalist Christopher Nunn suffered injuries to his left eye and was hospitalized.

On the other side of the front line, the pro-separatist Donetsk News Agency (DAN) reports that two civilians were killed and 13 wounded yesterday.

We can confirm the death of at least one person after a powerful blast near the Motel roundabout on the eastern edge of Donetsk last night. 

More on last night’s fighting: 

This morning, the Ukrainian military reported that there had been 114 attacks across the whole front line yesterday, with russia-backed forces continuing to use Grad rockets, tanks and heavy artillery.

This photo, which appears to be new and was purportedly taken in Makeyevka or Donetsk, shows several Russian T-72B1 tanks, in addition to another that may be a more modern variant:

Both sides are deploying more tanks towards the front line:

Shelling continues in Donetsk this evening:

Translation: After a lull the shelling has started up again. Can hear explosions from the west #Donetsk

Translation: #Donetsk it’s begun to thunder in the north.

Translation: Donetsk. Shchetinina. 20:00 local time. Cannonade from the direction of [separatist-held] Yasinovataya.

There are also reports of fighting and movements in the Gorlovka and Svetlodarsk areas:

Translation: #Gorlovka Terrible – we’re sitting in the corridor, they’re pounding from our district every 30 seconds. telephone communications are impossible, are they blocking outgoing calls?
Translation: Village of Bulavinskoye (between Uglegorsk and Yenakievo) Russian tanks have entered.

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Shelling was audible earlier today in the center of Yenakievo:

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