3 Ukrainian Soldiers Wounded in Battle; 1 Civilian Injured in Shelling of Maryinka by Russia-Backed Militants

January 12, 2017
View from Ukrainian soldiers' shelter. January 11, 2017. Photo by ATO

Ukraine Day 1060: LIVE UPDATES BELOW. Three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded today on the front line in 38 attacks, the ATO reported. One civilian woman was also injured in shelling by Russia-backed forces in Maryinka.

Yesterday’s live coverage of the Ukraine conflict can be found here.


An Invasion By Any Other Name: The Kremlin’s Dirty War in Ukraine


3 Ukrainian Soldiers Wounded in Battle; 1 Civilian Injured in Shelling of Maryinka by Russia-Backed Militants

Three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded today on the front line in 38 attacks , Ukrainska Pravda reported, citing the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation].
Donetsk Region police said a civilian woman, age 64, who resided on Lenina Street in Maryinka was injured when Russia-backed militants shelled the town, Unian reported. She had been standing in her garden. The woman was taken to the hospital in Kurakhovo and treated for chest wounds.
In its 6:00 am report today, the ATO reported 62 incidents of shelling. 
On the Mariupol line, militants fired from 82-mm and 120-mm on Krasnogorovka and Maryinka. Grenade-launchers and small arms were used on Pavlopol, Gnutovo, Granitnoye, Vodyanoye, Novogrigoryevka, Shirokino, Talakovka, and Maryinka.
On the Lugansk line, 122-mm artillery was fired on Troitskoye; 82-mm and 120-mm mortars and grenade-launchers from various systems were used on Novozvanivtsi and Troitskoye. An armed BTR and heavy machine guns were used in Krymskoye and small arms in Stanitsa Luganskoye.
On the Donetsk line, Russia-backed forces used 82-mm and 120-mm mortar-launchers to fire on the area near Avdeyevka, Zaytsevo, Novgorodskoye and Troitskoye. Grenade-launchers and small arms were used on Avdeyevka, Mayorsk, Svernoye, Novoselovka Vtoraya, Zheleznoye, Verkhnyetoretskoye and Zaytsevo. A sniper fired on Optynoye and a BMP fired on Avdeyevka.
On its Facebook page, the ATO reported at 18:00 Kiev time that Russia-backed militants had fired on Pavlopol, Gnutovo, Krasnogorovka, Mayinka and Shirokino on the Mariupol line from grenade-launchers and small arms. A BMP also fired on Talakovka and a sniper was active in Shirokono.
On the Luganskoye line, militants fired from 82-mm mortar-launchers on Zolotoye and Krymskoye, and on Novozvanivtsi and Novoaleksandrovka with grenade launchers and small arms.
On the Donetsk line, militants used mortar-launchers of various calibers, grenade-launchers and small arms to fire on Kamenki, Luganskoye, Zaytsevo, Avdeyevka and Troitskoye.
Explosion in Mailbox in Apartment Building in Kiev
Police were investigating an explosive device that went off inside the mailbox of an apartment building entry-way on Lunacharskogo Street in Kiev, Unian reported.
A resident said that when he tried to open his mailbox, he heard a suspicious sound and then fell down as an explosion rang out. He suffered minor injuries. The device may have been an RGD-5 grenade, said police.

57 People Prosecuted for War Crimes in Ukraine

Anatoliy Matios, the deputy prosecutor general, announced today that 57 people have been tried for war crimes; of these, 31 are soldiers of the Russian Federation, Ukrainska Pravda reported. Charges have also been filed against another 27 people for aiding the instigation of war on Ukraine.

He said all of allegations of war crimes against Russia are carefully documented and transferred to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. He said Hague Tribunal workers were “shocked” at the amount of evidence provided.

OSCE Monitors Report ‘Cargo 200’ Vans at Ukrainian-Russian Border

OSCE monitors spotted a truck with the sign “Cargo 200,” the military term for the bodies of soldiers killed in battle, Liga.net reported.

The van with Ukrainian license plates was travelling from the Russian Federation into Ukraine on the night of January 7, the OSCE mission told reporters. The truck had the sign “Cargo 200” on the windshield. The observers emphasized that they were unable to check the van to see if it contained bodies.

There was no explanation available for why the van would be killing military killed in combat from Russia into Ukraine instead of visa versa, but perhaps it was empty, coming to make a pick-up.

On the same day, the OCE saw another van with the license plates of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic at 9:43 am at the border checkpoint in Donetsk. That van had a sign “Funeral Services” on the windshield, and crossed the border from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Observers said three men and one woman in civilian clothing accompanied the fan.

The mission also reported seeing a “Cargo 200” van on December 30, 2016.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick