Abdulatipov: “We Have Strengthened Our Control Over Terrorists’ Famlilies”

January 3, 2014
Photo: Izvestia/Anna Isakova

The leader of the Republic of Dagestan, Ramazan Abdulatipov, said in an interview with Izvestia that at its meeting the anti-terrorist commission made a number of decisions in connection with the terrorist attacks in Volgograd.

“We’ve just had a meeting of the Anti-Terrorist Commission of the Republic of Dagestan, mourned the victims, and expressed condolences to the relatives and friends,” he said.

He explained to Izvestia that yesterday he had sent a telegram to the Governor of the Volgograd region Sergei Bozhenov.

“Our law enforcement agencies are in close contact with the security services in Volgograd. When the situation becomes more clear, we will discuss concrete measures, and our colleagues from Volgograd will probably join us. Terrorists are trying to cause panic, cause ethnic conflict,” says Abdulatipov.

According to him, while everything is unclear until the investigation is complete, you cannot blame everything on Dagestan.

“We are ready to take responsibility, we suffer from terrorists ourselves. Over the last day they killed several people. We are doing everything we can in this situation to reverse it. The problem is that we’ve lost some time, things have gone too far, ideological, moral, and cultural ties have been lost. People have been left to their own devices, daily work hasn’t been carried out in the field,” complained the head of the republic.

Abdulatipov also noted that it is impossible to delay criminal investigations, initiated under terrorism cases. He believes that in a situation when people die every day in the republic, all the cases should be brought to court. In addition, according to the Dagestani leader, control has been tightened over terrorists’ families.

“We have set very specific targets to track terrorists’ accomplices,” he said.

“Despite their heroic efforts the law enforcement agencies will not be able to handle all these crimes on their own. The objective is to mobilize people as much as possible. Tomorrow in all schools, universities and colleges there will be rallies under the slogan ‘Dagestan against terrorism.’ It is about mobilizing people against the terrorists,” emphasized the head of the republic.

According to him, the Muftis of the Republic are preparing special sermons against terrorism, that will be read at Friday prayers in all mosques.

“We have a lot of people working in the commission on reconciliation and harmony. I instructed them to provide incentives for those who are actively working. Special citizens’ squads will be organized who will work jointly with the police. All the leaders at the republican, municipal and district levels will work on holidays, instead of going to the Emirates as was common here,” said Ramazan Abdulatipov.