Virtually Entire SBU Leadership has Voluntarily Left Places of Service

February 24, 2014 protest of internet censorship in Russia

Valentin Nalivaychenko, Verkhovna Rada commissioner for oversight of the activity of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) announced, during a speech in the Rada, that virtually the entire leadership of the SBU has voluntarily left their places of service.

“The SBU does not have a chairman or first deputies. The head and his first deputies have voluntarily left the places of their military service…and turned off the telephones,” announced Nalivaychenko from the podium of the parliament, reporting on the situation in the SBU.

According to the commission, “The SBU has remained without communications, without leadership, without plans for the protection of nuclear [plant] sites, the Dnepr Hydroelectrical Station and all the rest.”

He also added that due to the actions of the leadership of the SBU, the regional departments of the SBU have been left without communications. Nalivaychenko stated that it is necessary to immediately appoint people who would take responsibility to guard the sites of heightened danger and protect people.

On Saturday, 22 February, the Verkhovna Rada appointed Valentin Nalivaychenko as commissioner for oversight of SBU activity. “The first and main decision is that all SBU must return to their bases, and go home. The second decision – I urge that all SBU colleagues now open up the SBU hospital and treat everyone, and urge them to open all the operational telephones of the SBU,” said Nalivaychenko immediately after the vote.