Video of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Court

July 11, 2013
Court sketch of Tsarnaev/USA Today

Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the April bombing at the Boston Marathon, has not been seen on video since his arrest following a city-wide manhunt. Tsarnaev has been in a prison hospital since he was detained, as he was reported suffering from gunshot wounds that at one point would not allow him to speak.

Yesterday, however, Tsarnaev did speak. In a Federal Court in South Boston, where no cameras are allowed in the courtroom, he told the judge seven times that he was not guilty of the various crimes for which he stands accused.

There was also a great deal of curiosity surrounding the Tsarnaev’s appearance. For starters, in his pictures from before the bombing, and in the testimony of those who knew Dzokhar, he does not match the stereotypical image of a cold-hearted killer or an empassioned Jihadist. Also, he was reportedly suffering from wounds so severe that he could not talk, which barred him from cooperating initially with police, yet reporters said that there were no visible wounds.

Now, Russia Vesti TV has posted a video, recorded off of a CC TV in the courthouse, that may be the only video of Tsarnaev since his arrest. He appears after the 1:40 mark: