United Russia Offices Burglarized

November 15, 2013

There was a break-in at the offices of United Russia in Krasnodar. Interestingly, in a country of dashboard cameras and CCTV systems, the authorities have not mentioned that they have any video of the incident.

The article uses the phrase that the thieves were “not deterred” from attacking the ruling party in such a fashion. Our translator Catherine A. Fitzpatrick notes that Putin has backed off of his involvement with United Russia recently, and has instead put his weight behind another vehicle, the All Union Russian Popular Front. Perhaps that has sent a signal that it is now open season on United Russia? Stay tuned. – Ed.

An unidentified burglar was able to stock up on laptops and smart phones after breaking into the reception room of deputies at the regional legislature in the very center of Krasnodar. The trespasser was not daunted by the fact that the deputies who occupied the building belong to the United Russia faction. In fact, this isn’t the first such incident.

Law-enforcers told journalists that the crime was committed early in the morning, around 4:00 a.m. The plan for the burglary was simple and easy. The robber went to the reception area of the United Russia deputies at the regional legislature, picked up a rock, broke the window into smithereens, crawled inside, and hauled away everything he could get his hands on.

Police say that an investigation is under way and a man-hunt has been declared to establish the identity of the burglar, along with a search for witnesses.

NTV learned further that the deputies and their aides lost laptops and a cell phone in the robbery.

This is not the first case where burglars have not been deterred from break-ins of offices of the party of power. Thus, last summer in Sergiev Posad, a suburb of Moscow, robbers broke a window in the office of a local United Russia branch and carried away computers and other office equipment.