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Anatomy of Exaggeration: How Russian Propaganda Cites ‘UN Figures’

July 10, 2014

The exaggeration of refugee numbers persists by the Russian government and state propaganda outlets, which is unfortunate because the debate about the authenticity of the numbers and lack of access to the region by credible independent humanitarian organizations mean that those refugees who do exist are not getting sufficient attention. The Kremlin’s lead propaganda outlet […]

Russia This Week: Is Jen Psaki Really the Russian Internet’s No. 1 Enemy? (9-14 June)

June 14, 2014

Updated Daily. Kremlin propagandists have targeted the State Department’s spokesperson for ridicule in a social media campaign, but it’s not clear if it has genuine resonance. Surveillance of Internet users and particularly bloggers will increase under new Russian laws, although Putin claims he is just “thinking of the children.” Russian independent media has tracked the […]