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Russian Rights Movement Must Recover Its Roots of a Century Ago, Popkov Says

March 29, 2015

Staunton, March 29 – The contemporary human rights movement emerged at a time when its possibilities for action were generally increasing. Now that those possibilities are continuously decreasing, it needs to reinvigorate itself by recalling the efforts of its predecessors, those who fought for the same rights as the Soviet system was institutionalizing itself. That […]

Putin Supporter Wants ‘Enemy of the People’ to Again Be a Criminal Charge

December 7, 2014

Staunton, December 6 – Moscow must restore the term “enemy of the people” as a criminal charge in order to defend Russia against the information war that has been unleashed against it by the West, according to Ilya Belous, a Yekaterinburg blogger and “patriotic” — that is, pro-Putin — activist. Speaking to a session of […]