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Moscow Needs a New Anti-Cosmopolitan Campaign, Russian Historian Says

April 28, 2014

Staunton, April 27 – One of the darkest pages in Soviet and indeed Russian history was the anti-cosmopolitan campaign Stalin unleashed against everything Western in 1949, a campaign that ultimately focused on the Jews whom the Soviet dictator was planning to deport beyond the Urals at the time of his death. Even those who remain […]

The Backlash of Moral Equivalency on Ukraine

March 11, 2014

With strong statements from the US State Department countering Kremlin propaganda like “President Putin’s Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine” and “Setting the Record Straight on Ukraine” coming from the US Embassy in Kiev, it didn’t take long for some commentators to appear with a “plague on both their houses.” The Israeli newspaper Haaretz published an […]

Ukraine Liveblog: Day 8 — Yanukovych to Face Trial at The Hague

February 25, 2014

Where is Yanukovych? Will Russia invade Crimea? Will Ukraine get emergency loans so the economy doesn’t collapse? Will the interim government reestablish control before the country falls into a darker chapter of this revolution? As the country rebuilds, we’ll be watching. Yesterday’s liveblog can be found here. For an overview of what’s behind the protests […]