Some Very Un-Biblical Commandments Appear in Russian Orthodox Churches

January 19, 2015
Sign in Russian Orthodox church: "Those who talk in the Cathedral will be sent sorrows and griefs."

Staunton, January 19 – A Russian blogger has gathered pictures of homemade signs in Russian Orthodox churches, signs which carry injunctions that are nowhere to be found in the Bible, as he points out. (See TsarValera, also re-posted here. Among them are the following:

“Brothers and Sisters! Don’t use Orthodox newspapers as toilet paper. That is sacrilege.”

“Feeding the birds is prohibited! Protect the walls of the church!”

“Parents are asked to keep noisy children quiet lest they disturb worshipers.”

“The Lord will punish those who talk in church.”

“Don’t donate women’s underwear or swimsuits to the church.”

“The Lord will punish those who siphon gasoline from the priest.”

“One must not bring one’s own candles to burn before the icons; one must purchase them from the church.”

“Having sex during pregnancy will give offspring homosexual inclinations.”