Recruitment of Agents’ Network: Table of Contents

November 1, 2018

Recruitment of Agents’ Network

Table of Contents

Chapter I

Recruitment of an Agents’ Network as One of the Main Operative Tasks of Intelligence of Socialist Countries

1. Tasks of recruitment work

2. Recruitment contingent

3. Factors influencing organization and conduct of recruitment work

Chapter II

Detection and Selection of Persons Representing Recruitment Interest

1. General principles of selection

2. Methods and means of detecting persons representing recruitment interest (obtaining leads)

3. Study and vetting of leads

4. Vigilance and securing of conspiracy in the course of study and vetting of leads

Chapter III

Recruitment Process and its Component Elements

1. Fundamentals of recruitment

a) Ideological-political basis of recruitment

b) Material basis of recruitment

c) Mental-psychological basis of recruitment

2. Form of recruitment

a) Form of gradual involvement

b) Form of direct offer

3. Types of recruitment

a) Recruitment under foreign flag and its features

b) Detection and selection of candidates for recruitment under foreign flag

c) Conduct and completion of recruitment development under foreign flag

) Transfer of agent recruited under foreign flag to flag of socialist state

4. Methods of influence on recruited

Chapter IV

Recruitment work, its conduct and completion

1. Concept of “recruitment work”

2. Tasks performed during recruitment work

a) Concretization of basis of recruitment

b) Determining intelligence capacities

c) Detecting personal qualities

d) Selection of form of recruitment

e) Selection of recruiter and his introduction into work

f) Selection of time and place for conducting recruitment talk

3. Plan of recruitment

a) Development of plan of recruitment

b) Conduct and reinforcement of recruitment

4. Securing conspiracy and recruitment work. Measures in case of failure of recruitment.

5. Incorporating new agent in intelligent work