Political Espionage from USSR Territory: Table of Contents

November 1, 2018

Political Espionage from USSR Territory: Table of Contents

Political Espionage from USSR Territory

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Organizational Structure, Tasks and Functions of Political Recruitment from USSR Territory

Chapter 2. Recruitment Work on Foreigners from the Territory of the USSR

1. Recruitment Contingent

2. Selection of Candidates for Recruitment

3. Establishment of Contacts with the Target of Development

4. Study of the Target of Recruitment Development

5. Completion of the Recruitment Development

6. Communications with Agents from Among Foreigners and Trusted Contacts from USSR Territory

7. Organization of Recruitment Work

Chapter 3. Recruitment of Agents from Among Soviet Citizens and Organization of Work with Them

Chapter 4. Obtaining Intelligence Information from USSR Territory

Chapter 5. Undertaking Active Measures from USSR Territory

Chapter 6. Organization of Intelligence Work at International Events


Appendix: Chart of Organizational Structure of Intelligence Agencies Undertaking Political Intelligence from USSR Territory