Moscow Seeking to Hijack Possible New Color Revolution in Moldova, Pirozhkov Says

October 6, 2015
Serhiy Pirozhkov

Staunton, October 6 – Many in the West assume that popular risings against sitting governments in the post-Soviet states will work only to put in place a more democratic and Western-oriented regime, but in such unsettled times, at least one outside player – Russia — sees a chance them to install a less democratic and more pro-Moscow variant.

That possibility was suggested by Serhiy Pirozhkov who served as Ukraine’s ambassador to Chisinau from 2007 to 2014 in an interview to Kyiv’s Channel 5 yesterday covered here.

The former ambassador suggested that as the events in the Moldovan capital have become radicalized, “it is possible that Russia is realizing its own scenario of the development of events in a foreign country.” Thus, events there may not be as “spontaneous” as many imagine but instead may reflect the efforts of outsiders to exploit the situation for its own benefit.

“As many have remarked, Russia is not the inventor of other varieties of scenarios,” Pirozhkov continues. Instead, it elaborates on the basis of what others have done and “uses not only the Ukrainian experience but that of previous years which [others] have applied in other countries.”

“Desirous of making use of this situation,” the Ukrainian diplomat says, “Russia is directing its own supporters in the form of the Socialist Party headed by Igor Dodon” and also “a certain Renato Usaty who heads pro-Moscow political forces” in Moldova – all a reminder that in unsettled times, many can play a role, including some that few are tracking.