Khabarovsk Region, Affected by Flood, Hit by Cold Weather

October 25, 2013
Photo ITAR-TASS / MES for the Khabarovsk Territory

In recent months, the Russian Far East has been devastated by historic floods in recent months, and authorities have only allocated 6 billion rubles (about $188 million) to help relieve more than 25,000 households that have been affected and nearly 600,000 hectares (about 2300 square miles) of destroyed farmland. Now, the weather is dropping below freezing, and most of those affected by the flood are living in damaged homes.

It is also worth noting that a prominent Russian businessman and politician, Konstantin Borovoy, recently suggested that problems in the Regions, ignored by Moscow, would help cause the inevitable collapse of Russia as a country. – Ed.

In Khabarovsk region, the level of the Amur river as of 8 am today was 272 cm near Khabarovsk (13 cm less than last night), near Komsomolsk-on-Amur it was 435 cm (11 cm less than last night), near Nikolaevsk-on-Amur – 196 cm (2 cm less than last night ), as reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Main Directorate for Khabarovsk region.

Only the village of Mago in Nikolaevsk district now remains in the flood area. In that village, 61 houses and land plots around them are flooded.

The total number of residents of the flooded houses is 148. They are waiting for the water to completely subside, in order to start drying their homes. But the weather does not help.

Nikolayevsky district has been hit by cold weather: this morning the temperature there was minus 4 degrees. Forecasts for the next week are disappointing: from -3 degrees at night to +6 during the day.

With the exception of the village of Mago, located 36 km upstream from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, the water has gone from all the other towns and villages of Khabarovsk region. Diesel heat blowers and motor pumps are used for drying houses. More than 8,000 people are involved in relief efforts. They have at their disposal over 1500 units of equipment.

In the Amur region, that is also affected by the floods, the freezing temperatures were observed for the first time on August 29.

Floods in Russia and their aftermath: Housing Reconstruction

On October 17 it was reported that in the Far East, housing has not been restored even in the areas least affected by the flood. New housing for the victims will be built next year, and in this winter the evacuated people will be accommodated in temporary comfortable housing, such as dormitories and vacation retreats.

The number of residents affected by floods in the region exceeds 168,000 people.

To raise the money for the victims, the First channel held a special telethon. The event raised over 700 million rubles. The money will be spent on the construction of new housing.

The Government will allocate about 40 billion rubles for flood relief activities.