Is Snowden on this Plane?

July 11, 2013
Markham Nolan/Storyful

Markham Nolan/Storyful

UPDATED: Please see bottom of post for newest information:
Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower and American fugitive, may be on a flight right now to Havana, Cuba. If so, from there, he is likely traveling to Venezuela. As the flight pattern above (supplied by Storyful’s Markham Nolan) demonstrates, the plane reportedly took a strange deviation in its flight path that appears deliberately designed to avoid U.S. airspace.

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian’s journalist who made headlines by breaking Snowden’s story, says that Snowden’s most-likely destination is Venezuela.

According to the Washington Post, is now reporting that this flight, and others, are diverting because of turbulence over Greenland:

It turns out, though, that a number of westbound trans-Atlantic flights are today taking this unusual southern route, apparently for weather-related reasons. It’s possible that Snowden could still be on the plane – perhaps his Russian handlers saw the flights diverting, knew Aeroflot would avoid U.S. airspace today and popped him on board. But it would seem that at least the flight path itself is due to weather and not, say, a call from Russian President Vladimir Putin.