Intelligence Directions and Targets Abroad: Table of Contents

November 1, 2018

Intelligence Directions and Targets Abroad

Table of Contents


I. Political Intelligence

1. Tasks of intelligence in studying foreign policy of capitalist countries

2. Tasks of intelligence in studying domestic policy of capitalist countries

3. Tasks of intelligence in the military-political field

4. Tasks of intelligence in studying the economy of capitalist countries

5. Fundamental objectives of agent network penetration

6. Agent operational measures in influencing certain aspects of life of capitalist states

II. Scientific-Technical Intelligence

1. Tasks of scientific-technical intelligence

2. Some fundamental problems of interest to scientific-technical intelligence

3. Objectives of agent network penetration

III. Counterintelligence Work Abroad

1. Work against intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of capitalist countries

2. Work against foreign reactionary emigre organizations

3. Counterintelligence work in influencing and intercepting enemy sabotage activity against representative offices and citizens of socialist countries abroad