Provocateurs in Black

April 25, 2013

In the last issue of Novaya Gazeta, we noted that the December 12 Round Table, the Republican Party of Russia Party of Popular Freedom (RPR PARNAS) and the May 6 Committee conducted an independent investigation of the events on Bolotnaya Square. Today the report will be presented at public hearings, and we publish below without […]

Why Should I Expect Justice for My Son Given Other Political Trials?

April 24, 2013

On April 17, the first session of the Kirovles trial opened at Lenin District Court [in Kirov], in which the chief defendant is opposition politician Aleksei Navalny, founder of RosPil [the anticorruption group]. The New Times spoke with Ludmila Navalnaya, Navalny’s mother, about how the trial will unfold and how the family is preparing for […]

Handlers from Yale University May Have Made a Mistake

There’s everything here. From “banal, ouch, that is, I’m sorry, Navalny”, to “his handlers from the Yale University have mistaken Russia for a Third World Country.” And, of course, the most beautiful and candid revelation: “he shouldn’t have annoyed the authorities.” In the meantime, Major-General Markin, even in the context of a special interview dedicated […]

An Emergency Situation was Prevented

The Daily Journal is publishing a sensational document that without any doubt will shed light on the events on Bolotnaya Square last May. We have managed to obtain a document entitled “Report on Maintaining Public Order and Security in the City of Moscow on May 6, 2012”, signed by Colonel Deynichenko, the Deputy Chief of […]

Capitalism on Trial

Obviously the government never learned any lessons from Khodorkovsky’s case, and it’s stubbornly looking for more adventures. Act Three, Scene One: Timber Logging Russia is getting drawn into the third landmark political trial of the decade. Khodorkovsky, Magnitsky, and now Navalny. What is common among the three trials is some historical logic, and as a […]

If Navalny is Locked Up…

Russia will get on a course that it won’t be able to depart from until it reaches its final destination – the station called “Revolution Square”. The point at which we got on this track leading to a dead end was on September 24, 2011. Back then, I quoted an article from The New York […]

They Will Lock Up Many More

April 15, 2013

What is really striking is all the fuss that’s been made over the trial, which starts on April 17 in Kirov, in which I’m one of the defendants accused of putting together a criminal organization that conspired to steal lumber and sawdust from the company Kirovles, and actually stole that stuff worth about 16 million […]