Former Trump Advisor Carter Page Meets With Rosneft Managers In Moscow

December 13, 2016
Carter Page, former Trump advisor. Photo by Artyom Korotayev/TASS

LIVE UPDATES: Former Trump advisor Carter Page, a managing partner of Global Energy Capital, met with senior officials from Rosneft, Russia’s oil giant yesterday but didn’t meet with CEO Igor Sechin, under sanction by the US for the war in Ukraine.

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Former Trump Advisor Carter Page Meets With Rosneft Managers in Moscow

Carter Page, the former advisor of president-elect Donald Trump met with senior managers of Rosneft yesterday, December 12 in Moscow, but did not meet with Igor Sechin, Vedomosti reported.
As we reported, Page, a managing partner of Global Energy Capital, traveled to Moscow earlier this week and said he was meeting “with business people and thought leaders.”

“I had the opportunity to meet with some of the top managers of the company Rosneft. The recent Rosneft deal, in which the Qatar Fund and Glencore could take part is unfortunately a good example of how American private companies are limited to a great degree due to the influence of sanctions.

Glencore and Qatar reportedly bought equal measures of 19.5% of Rosneft’s shares in partial privatization of the company long in the works and involving a number of controversies.
Yesterday, December 12 a judge at Mosow’s Arbitration Court ruled in Rosneft’s favor in a “business reputation damages” suit against RBC, an independent news outlet, although rejected Rosneft’s claim of $57.3 million in damages, and ordered payment of $6,675 as well as removal of the article. RBC had reported on anonymous government officials who said the Kremlin ordered that BP, which already owns 19.75% of shares, be prevented from purchasing more shares in Rosneft.

Page emphasized that he had not met with persons, including Sechin, who were under sanctions by the US:

“The most classic example [of fake news] was of course the claims of my contacts with Igor Ivanovich [Sechin] which would have been a great honor but nevertheless did not take place.

In a new era of relations between Russia and the US, most of all effort must be applied to supporting the new US Administration, from the perspective of business.”

Page added that a central element of relations between the two countries should be the private sector. “You know, Igor Ivanovich is the main advocate of this.”

Asked if any American sanctions on Russia would be eased or lifted under Trump, Page said “it is too early to speak of this yet” and said the main challenge was an “inaccurate perception of each other” by the two countries.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick