The Daily Vertical: Spain Pulls Off Putin’s Mask

May 4, 2016
Vladimir Putin with Jose Maria Aznar, then Spain's prime minister, at Moncloa Palace on June 13, 2000. | Business Insider/Reuters

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A transcript of today’s Daily Vertical can be found here.

NOTE: To correctly reflect how Russian officials were implicated in the Spanish investigation, the following line in today’s Daily Vertical should be corrected to read as follows:

“What does it say about a state when its former prime minister, its former defense minister, its current deputy prime minister, and the current chair of its legislature’s finance committee are tied to the mob?”

Russia’s former prime minister (Viktor Zubkov), former defense minister (Anatoly Serdyukov), and current deputy prime minister (Dmitry Kozak) were named in the Spanish investigation, but are not subject to international arrest warrants.