Ukraine Live Day 684: 1 Ukrainian Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded in Fighting in Donbass Last Day

January 2, 2016
A Ukrainian soldier at the front line. Aleksiy Mazepa told TV 112 that the soldiers in the ATO had been supplied with winter uniforms, extra fuel for vehicles and space heaters. Photo via

1 Ukrainian volunteer was killed and 2 wounded in fighting in the Donbass in the last day.

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1 Ukrainian Volunteer Killed, 2 Soldiers Wounded in Fighting in Donbass Last Day reported today that yesterday, January 1, a young Student Svoboda party member from Khotin fighting who had served with the Azov company near Mariupol was killed.
Andriy Lysenko said today that the Aidar battalion volunteer killed yesterday did not die in battle, according to local police, although he provided no other details. He said an investigation was under way.
Russian-backed fighters fired on Ukrainian positions at Peski and Novgorodskoye as well south of Avdeyevka 15 times, reported, citing the ATO’s Facebook page. 
Grenade-launchers were also used on Opytnoye and heavy machine guns on Troitskoye.
During the period since the “quiet regimen” was declared December 23, militants have fired 42 times on Ukrainian soldiers, two of whom were wounded, reported.
On January 1, unknown persons drove by and fired on the Olkhovoye Public School in Stanitsa Luganskaya. Several windows were broken but no injuries reported, said
On the previous day, a patrol found and confiscated from the school radio transmitter, network switch, and batter they said was used to intercept electronic communications. 

They believe the shooting was in revenge for removal of the equipment. ATO patrols also found spying and transmission equipment in a water tower at the school in Olkhovoye. Locals say they have seen such equipment with antennaes all along the line of contact, spaced  4 kilometers apart.

— Catherine A. Fitzpatrick