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Ukraine Reports 40 Attacks Yesterday; Uncertain Casualty Figures; Purported Hack Of Surkov’s Emails

October 25, 2016

Kiev reports six Ukrainian soldiers wounded, but a fatality was reported yesterday by the Azov Regiment, and the Lugansk governor today reported another soldier wounded.

Kiev Finally Reports Major Drop In Fighting, But Separatists Claim Otherwise

May 2, 2016

On the 2nd anniversary of the violence clashes in Odessa that left 48 dead, the Ukrainian military reports that, for the most part, Russian-backed fighters in the Donbass now appear to be abiding by the Easter truce agreement. However the Donetsk separatists claim that Ukrainian forces shelled their positions last night and this morning.

2 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed, 10 Wounded, With Shelling Across Front

April 5, 2016

Ukraine Day 778 – Live Updates: 2 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, 10 wounded; Kiev reports 61 attacks yesterday, further shelling this morning.