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Further Russian Air Force Reinforcements Arrive in Syria: Su-25 ‘Frogfoots’ Join the Fray

September 21, 2015

This is a cross-post from Oryx Blog After the sighting of Su-30MS’ and Su-24M2s over Syrian airspace just days ago, new satellite imagery acquired by Stratfor and AllSource Analysis, dating from the 20th of September, has now revealed the presence of twelve Su-25 ‘Frogfoots’ being assembled at Hmeemeem/Bassel al-Assad IAP for a total of twenty […]

Putin in Syria

September 17, 2015

Over the last few days there have been numerous reports that the Kremlin is deploying military force to prop up the Assad regime in Syria, under the pretence of combating ISIS. The Interpreter will now cover these developments on a daily basis on our Putin in Syria blog.  

Sighting of R-166-0.5 Signals Vehicle Affirms Inflow of Russian Military into Syria

September 16, 2015

This is a cross-post from Oryx Blog: The past few days have seen a steep increase of evidence revealing the true extent of direct military involvement by the Russian military on the ground in Syria. The sighting of recently delivered Russian UAVs and Russian BTR-82A infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in addition to sound fragments confirming […]