Protesters Spill Jar of ‘Blood of Children of Donbass’ on Photographs of War in Ukraine at Sakharov Center

September 29, 2016
Photos of two Ukrainian soldiers known by the call signs "Sych" and "Tankist" who were killed in battle. The photographer crossed them out to indicate they were killed. The photos were among winners of a contest on conflict photos displayed at the Sakharov Center. Pro-government activists spilled red liquid on the photos calling it "the blood of the children of Donbass". Original photo by Aleksandr Vasyukovich; copy of vandalized photo via Novosti Donbassa

LIVE UPDATES: Protesters first spilled paint on photographs of the Ukraine war shown at the Sakharov Center in Moscow, then Cossacks brought a jar with “the blood of the children of Donbass” to disrupt the exhibit. The photos showed Ukrainian soldiers killed by Russia-backed forces and the defense of the Donetsk Airport. Police closed the exhibit.

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