Russia This Week: The Kremlin’s Policy-Making on Ukraine is ‘A Mess’

December 5, 2014
Banner of the Nationalist Liberation Movement, an ultranationalist group that has supported "Novorossiya" in the Donbass. The group was founded by United Russia deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov. used this photo to illustrate their article on Kremlin control of separatists in Ukraine, but without explaining it. Photo by TASS.

In Russia This Week, you will find links to all the stories of Russia Update in the last week and to special features, plus an article following up on the news and trending topics below.

This Week’s Stories in Russia Update:

Fire at FSB Building in Dagestan Capital Said to Be ‘Short Circuit’ – Police
Ruble Improves Slightly, Still Surfing Record Lows
Russian Intelligence Agency Building Burns in Dagestan
Sentences Handed Down in 2013 Volgograd Terrorist Attack
Russia Downgraded Even Further to 136th Place by Transparency International
Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Analyzes Putin Speech; ‘He Did Not Say a Word About Corruption’
Body of Civilian Found in Press House Rubble in Grozny Following Police Storm on Terrorists
Head Of Coca-Cola Factory Murdered In St. Petersburg
Putin Downplays Economic Crisis, Chechen Terrorism; Ignores War on Ukraine in Address to Federal Assembly
Market Burns As Fighting Continues In Grozny
Militants Occupying School Building In Grozny
Translation of Police Radio During Anti-Terrorist Operation in Grozny
Chechen Leader Reports 6 Terrorists Killed in Police Operation
5 Policemen Killed in Terrorist Attack in Grozny
Statement from Caucasus Emirate Terrorists from Grozny
3 Policemen Killed in Grozny Shoot-Out
Explosion and Gunfire in Grozny
Cutting Russia Off from SWIFT ‘Will Mean War’: Top Russian Banker
Half a Million Russians Die Each Year from Alcoholism
Hard-Line Russian Parliamentarians Propose Reinstating State Ideology
Vedomosti Compares Vladimir Putin To Robert Mugabe
Ruble Fails to Rally Despite Bank of Russia Interventions
Russia’s Finance Ministry to Grab Bank Deposits for 2 Weeks, May Borrow From Reserves
25 Detained in Moscow for Attending Lecture on Ukraine’s Maidan Movement
Putin Plans Tax Holiday for Gazprom, Tax Hike for Small Business
Russian Parliamentarian Proposes Ban on iPhone for MPs
Russia Cancels South Stream, Plans New Black Sea Pipeline with Turkey
Kremlin Officials Responsible for ‘People’s Republics’ Resign From Their Posts
Murder Trial Opens of 4 BORN Members; Other Convicts Claim Ties to Kremlin
Pro-European Parties Gain Slim Edge Over Pro-Russians in Parliamentary Elections in Moldova
New Allegations of Russian Bribery of FIFA Officials: Sunday Times
‘Ruble is Drowning in Oil’ as Price Drops
Rosneft to Be Partly Privatized

Is Putin Really Reining in Hard-Liners? Fact-Checking Gordon Hahn’s Article In The Moscow Times

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