Russia This Week: Doctors Rally in Moscow to Protest Hospital Closures, Health Care Budget Slash (October 27-November 2)

November 2, 2014
Poster: "Money for Medicine Not War". Doctors' rally in Moscow 2 November 2014. Photo by Boris Nemtsov

Updated Daily. This week’s issue:

Doctors Protest Hospital Closures and Pay Cuts in Health System ‘Reforms’
The Value of the Ruble is Falling, Along with the Price of Oil
Russian Censorship Agency Strikes Ekho Moskvy News Site, Removes Article on Donetsk Airport
Russian Reporter Publishes List of ‘Most Authoritative Russians’ – from Human Rights Heroes to Victimizers
Russian Actor with ‘Press’ Identifier Filmed Shooting at Donetsk Airport
France Denies It Agreed to Ship Mistral to Russia; Bulava Nuclear Test Missile Launches
Chechen Political Exilee Abducted, Tortured by Russian Agents in Strasbourg: Time
Memorial Activists Recall Victims of Communist Regime — and Count Today’s Political Prisoners
Kremlin Spokesman Refutes Rumors of Putin’s Ill Health
Putin’s Ratings Decline for First Time This Year
Two Russian Mercenaries Sentenced For Fighting For Assad In Syria
Anti-War Intelligentsia Protest TV Hatred Against Ukraine; Activists Launch Anti-Fascist Video Campaign
Russian Nationalists Granted Permit to March in Moscow Suburb

Last week’s issue:

TV Rain Selects Most-Discussed Quotations from Putin’s Speech
At Valdai, Putin Lauded by Sycophants and ‘Realists’
Russian Soldiers Still in Ukraine; Kremlin Announces Compensation for Missing and Killed Servicemen
Former Editor Launches Medusa in Riga; TV Rain Evicted in Moscow
Putin’s Neo-Imperialism and the Price of Oil

Previous week’s issue:

Soldiers’ Mothers Activist Arrested, Had Pressed Cases of Russian Soldiers in Killed in Ukraine
Gorbachev Confirms There Was No NATO ‘Non-Expansion’ Pledge
Poland Arrests Russian Lt. Colonel and Lawyer on Suspicion of ‘Espionage’
Two American Journalism Professors Detained in St. Petersburg at Workshop
Harassment Continues of Pskov Legislator Who Investigated Soldiers’ Deaths
Russian Liberals Criticize Navalny’s Interview on Crimea, Putin
Ekho Moskvy Interview with Navalny: ‘We Have to Stop Sponsoring the War’
Members of Presidential Human Rights Council Raise ‘Information War’ Against Ukraine, Crimean Tatar Disappearances with Putin
Sakharov Center in Moscow Attacked During LGBT Meeting
Poitras Made No New Interviews with Snowden for ‘Citizenfour’; He Refused Her in Moscow
Hundreds of Russians Poisoned, 25 Dead in ‘Spice’ Drug Epidemic

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