Russia This Week: Can We Be Satisfied With the Theory That Kadyrov Killed Nemtsov?

March 20, 2015
President Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov in an undated photo. Kadyrov posted this photo on his Instagram account on March 4, 2015, the day before Putin was last seen in public and was missing for 11 days.

In Russia This Week, you will find links to the stories of Russia Update in the last week and to special features, plus an article following up on the news and trending topics below.

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Last Week’s Top Stories:

Kremlin Publishes New Picture of Putin Amid Concerns About Absence
Questions About Putin’s Health After Canceled Meetings & Vague Answers
Chechen Suspects in Nemtsov Murder Withdraw Confessions, Say Were Tortured
Getaway Car Suspected in Nemtsov’s Death Also Found Near His Home in October
Chechen Suspect Reportedly Offended at ‘Negative Comments’ by Nemtsov on Islam
5 Chechen Suspects Brought to Court in Murder of Boris Nemtsov
Suspects Detained in Murder of Boris Nemtsov from North Caucasus

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