How Boris Nemtsov Was Murdered: Novaya Gazeta’s Investigation

February 27, 2016
Still from the tape of a video surveillance camera at GUM on the night of February 27, 2015, showing Boris Nemtsov's tail. Photo by Novaya Gazeta

A number of different scenarios for how opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was assassinated on February 27, 2015 have been published in both the independent and pro-Kremlin Russian media this past year, notably by RosBalt, Novaya Gazeta, Moskovsky Komsomolets and REN-TV. The heads of the Investigative Committee, Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry were tasked by President Vladimir Putin to take personal control over the investigation, yet they had almost nothing to say in the last year; all the developments in the investigation were leaked to the press.

The following article prepared by investigative journalists at Novaya Gazeta represents not only a compilation of some of the most plausible version of the events surrounding the murder of Nemtsov, but new material which the journalists have gathered from the investigators, surveillance tapes, and their own research in Chechnya. They point to the strong possibility that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Chechen law-enforcers colluded with Russia’s Investigative Committee and Federal Protection Service to “manage” the investigation so that some key suspects would be able to escape and others lesser involved would take the rap. The question remains as it often does with high-profile political murders in Russia as to who commissioned the assassins and for what reason.

Translation:How Boris Nemtsov Was Murdered,” by Novaya Gazeta‘s Investigation Department, published February 24, 2016. Translated by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick.