The Power Vertical

Warsaw: A Very Big Deal

July 9, 2016

So it’s a whole new NATO. Despite Brexit and despite lingering divisions over whether to confront or engage Russia, the transatlantic alliance took some big steps forward at a landmark summit this week in Warsaw. “We face a serious problem in a revanchist Kremlin and this summit has done an excellent job of addressing it,” […]

Power Vertical Podcast: Countdown To Warsaw

July 1, 2016

t NATO’s last summit in Wales, the alliance was in emergency mode. Next week in Warsaw, it will be putting the pieces in place to contain and deter an increasingly revanchist Russia. Top items on the agenda at the Warsaw summit include beefing up troop presence in the Baltics, Poland, and Romania; intensified cooperation with […]

The Briefing: A Nation Of Suspects And Informants

June 27, 2016

On its last day of work, the outgoing State Duma passed one of its most draconian pieces of legislation to date: a controversial antiterrorism bill that effectively turns Russia into a nation of suspected criminals. On this week’s Power Vertical Briefing, I discuss the bill with Pavel Butorin, managing editor of RFE/RL’s Russian-language television program Current […]