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The Briefing: Putin Vs. Putin

The emperor is at war with his inner godfather. The autocrat is battling his inner kleptocrat. The commissar is struggling with his inner crime kingpin. The most consequential political battle in Russia today is not another skirmish among the Kremlin clans; it’s not a showdown between the siloviki and the technocrats; and it’s not a […]

Power Vertical Podcast: Spies, Lies, And Head Games

August 5, 2016

Fabricated news stories. Fake NGOs. Cut outs. Front groups. Useful idiots. Staged demonstrations. And manufactured scandals. Welcome to the wonderful world of активные мероприятия, or “active measures.” The use of subterfuge, deception, diversion, and deceit to divide and confuse Western societies has long been part of the Kremlin’s international playbook. In recent years, Vladimir Putin’s […]