An Emergency Situation was Prevented

April 24, 2013

The Daily Journal is publishing a sensational document that without any doubt will shed light on the events on Bolotnaya Square last May. We have managed to obtain a document entitled “Report on Maintaining Public Order and Security in the City of Moscow on May 6, 2012”, signed by Colonel Deynichenko, the Deputy Chief of […]

Magnitsky List: A Failure, But not Fatal

April 16, 2013

On April 12 the U.S. government published the so-called Magnitsky List—names of individuals who are believed to be responsible for “gross violations of human rights” in Russia.  The 18 people included in the list will be denied entry to the United States and have their assets and property in the country frozen.  There is also […]

They Will Lock Up Many More

April 15, 2013

What is really striking is all the fuss that’s been made over the trial, which starts on April 17 in Kirov, in which I’m one of the defendants accused of putting together a criminal organization that conspired to steal lumber and sawdust from the company Kirovles, and actually stole that stuff worth about 16 million […]

Cyprus, Russia – and Syria

March 21, 2013

Just as I was getting used to thinking of Cyprus as the Mediterranean clime where Hezbollah agents go to spy on ‘the Jews’ and Rami Makhlouf is granted citizenship, I awaken to the fact that future of the eurozone may in fact depend on the good graces of Vladimir Putin. An island nation with a […]

The Realpolitik of Murder

In Our Kind of Traitor, John Le Carré’s most recent spy novel, Dima, the “world’s number one money-launderer” for the Russian mob, befriends two British nationals on holiday in Antigua. He asks them to help him and his family defect to London in exchange for a freshet of juicy intelligence regarding where Russia’s corrupt elite […]