Litvinenko Inquest

May 20, 2013

[Veteran activist and Litvinenko friend Alex Goldfarb explains the next steps for Marina Litvinenko following the news that the UK government has hamstrung the inquest by requesting that crucial evidence remain classified. –Ed.] Today [May 17] Sir Robert Owen, the British coroner who is performing the inquest into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, in part […]

FSB Publicizes Telephone Transcripts of Detained CIA Agent

[The strange case of Ryan Fogle, a US diplomat arrested by the FSB on charges of espionage, continues to preoccupy the Russian media. Below is state-controlled Channel One, relying on FSB sources, quoting from alleged telephone conversations Fogle had with a Russian intelligence officer he was trying to recruit.  –Ed] The American ambassador visited the […]

Why Vladislav Surkov Was Fired

May 13, 2013

The resignation of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov — the Kremlin’s “grey cardinal” — has prompted a raft of articles speculating as to the true cause for Surkov’s departure. This article suggests that his involvement in the corruption-plagued Skolkovo project, inaugurated by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, became Surkov’s pink slip . –Ed. On […]