Spanish Police Arrest Dutch Lawyer of Telecoms Firm Related to Russian Oligarch Fridman Noted in Trump Dossier

January 18, 2017

Spanish police arrested prominent Dutch corporate lawyer Peter Wakkie, at the Madrid Airport as part of an investigation into the insolvency of the Russian-Spanish telecoms firm ZED+. The story attracted more interest because Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman has an interest in ZED+ and is also mentioned in the Trump “kompromat” dossier.

Ukraine Files Suit Against Russia At International Court Of Justice

January 17, 2017

The suit regards numerous violations of the UN conventions on terror and racial discrimination.

Lavrov Sees No Linkage in Trump’s Offer to Remove Sanctions; Claims US Tried to Recruit Diplomat, Infiltrate Demonstrations

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said he saw no linkage in president-elect Donald Trump’s offer to remove sanctions if Russia reduced its nuclear weapons.

Obama Extends Sanctions on Russia; Kremlin Accuses US of ‘Arms Race’, Postpones Response to Trump Deal

January 16, 2017

US President Barack Obama extends sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin deferred a response to president-elect Donald Trump’s offer to trade an end to sanctions for Russia’s nuclear cuts.