1 Ukrainian Soldier Killed; 6 Wounded; 2 Civilians Killed, At Least 3 Wounded in Makeyevka

October 28, 2016

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry reports 1 Ukrainian soldier killed in battle and 6 wounded; Ukrainian media reports from social media that 2 civilians have been killed and at least 3 wounded in Makeyevka, including a child.

Russia Indicates They Will Step Up Attacks On Aleppo Rebels As Offensive To Break Regime Siege Begins

Sergei Lavrov made it clear today that Russia intends to intensify strikes against rebel fighters in Aleppo, claiming that “terrorists” need to be “wiped out.”

Savchenko Returns To Moscow For Karpyuk And Klykh Hearing; Maryinka Shelled

October 26, 2016

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld the 22.5 and 20 year sentences imposed on the two Ukrainians despite testimony extracted under torture being retracted.